Uniform Management Program

RTUT is a trail-blazer in creating private, on-line company stores, which offer a cost-free way for public and private agencies and hospitality enterprises to manage and control their uniform acquisition programs.

Signing on for an on-line store will shift the burden of maintaining an on-site uniform storage space, with its investment of dollars and heavy staff supervision, to an easy-to-use on-line system that requires minimal storage space, and no advance use of financial resources.

Purchases can be made by directly by employees or through the offices of quartermasters or wardrobe managers, in a controlled environment which automatically monitors quantities and who is responsible for payment. An approval system is available for those who wish to maintain a higher level of local control above and beyond the allowance or allotment system that is already in place.

The agency set-up carefully designs a system which will recognize by login, who is allowed to order specific uniforms, what the allowance or allotment levels are, and what has to go on the garments in terms of embellishments (patches, embroidery, transfers and screens).

 To obtain further information and/or to set-up a preliminary intake meeting, please send an email indicating interest to premiere@premieresolutions.com.

 And if you are wondering if a company store is right for you...

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