Modified on May 1, 2015

The purpose of this statement is to clarify what types of information might be collected from our website, retail store or telephone visitors, whether it be via a computer, or a mobile device of any type, via telephone, mail, email or enewsletter, or via one of our social media sites, or when making a purchase at one of our retail locations. The term “website” below, encompasses all these devices and methods.


Kinds of information that might be collected:

Information that you provide us can include the personal information that you enter on forms, such as name, address, email address, shipping and billing information including credit cards as well as your purchase information and history.

Technical information can also include things such as statistical data related to your visits, IP information, your carrier info, and information regarding your interaction with different pages on our sites.

Why we collect information and the means to do so:

The primary reason for collecting information, personal and technical, is to allow the website to function properly – that means displaying information from databases, processing orders, linking to a banking gateway, etc.   There are times that “cookies” are used and attached to your browser, in order to facilitate this process and to simplify how you will use the website.  You have the ability to monitor whether to allow cookies on your computer.  Keep in mind that turning off cookies might make the website less functional for you, and might limit your ability to interact with it.

Outside or third party vendors

We do not sell, trade or transfer information to outside parties, other than through the banking gateway to process any credit card payments, and that information is then retained by your banks. Access to data is restricted to the technical personnel who maintain our website, and RTUT personnel who are involved with sales and marketing.

Security of our systems:

We maintain the most recent technology designed to secure our website and your data, and have an ongoing process of monitoring security levels and upgrading our systems as more technology becomes available and/or upgraded.   We will take every measure to assure this security, but we cannot guarantee that any information that has been transmitted over the internet will never be breached.

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