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RTUT Hospitality-Career Apparel

The Hospitality and Career Apparel markets cover a broad spectrum of uniform program possibilities.   Red the Uniform Tailor has worked for decades with the casino industries, hotels, restaurants, theme parks and corporate entities, all of which have unique needs, some of which are overlapping.

Casinos have front of house and back of house programs, some of which need to be custom, and others which can be met by stock or modified stock programs.  Depending on budget, RTUT is able to provide a cohesive program that is designed to blend in with the overall design of the property.   Our uniform consultants will meet with property management to look at both the broader aspects of uniforms for their branding needs, and the specific requirements of individual departments.   A close and on-going relationship is built between our staff and yours.

The same same attitude is provided to hotel and restaurant programs and theme park venues.   Theme parks offer the additional market focus that opens the world of costuming.  Whether it is a Walt Disney character or Harry Potter himself, costumes are another area of expertise in the RTUT portfolio of uniform capabilities.  And phone calls from movie companies and theaters are also a routine experience for the RTUT staff to manage.

Finally, career apparel for companies small or large - whether it is the transportation sector (bus, train, air or ship) or the services that support them like travel or trucking, or industries like banking or sales, Red the Uniform Tailor has for years developed suitable programs that again can blend our custom capabilities or stock or modified stock resources to help build brands with comfortable, economic and quality uniform programs.

For immediate help with your hospitality programs, please contact Tracy Gluck.

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